Still dealing with headaches that come with your legacy system like unreliable and slow phone line connections and monthly costs? Upgrading your system to IP communication comes with several benefits, including integrating your system right into your existing internet connection! It’s that easy! Save long-term money, time and stress by upgrading your Sonitrol system to FlexIP.

Benefits of a Sonitrol FlexIP compared to an older panel
  • Replacement parts readily available
  • Performance Warranty increased to $10K or $15k
  • No phone lines needed
  • Utilize your existing internet connection
  • Audio transmit time decreased from 15-60 seconds to 1-5 seconds
  • Remote arm/disarm on mobile app
  • Reduce Stress
  • Ability to arm/disarm using a key fob
  • Ability to add access control to the Sonitrol Intrusion System
  • Reduce false alarms caused by old or faulty equipment

Upgrade by August 31st to Qualify

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Industries who should consider upgrading their security!

Like many companies, security is important to you, which is why you made sure your business had a security system installed. But time has passed, and the security landscape has changed – criminals have become more sophisticated and so has the technology that should be protecting your business from them.

Organizations often become complacent, and only realize that their security system is no longer enough after a security breach.

If you work in one of the following three industries and haven’t taken a good look at your security system in some time, it may be time to consider an upgrade to ensure that both your organization and resources are protected.

Professional Offices

Whether you run a small business, accounting practice, or medical office, your office is vulnerable – stolen cash and equipment, information theft, workplace violence and employee theft are all reasons that you need to consider updating your system.

While in house video solutions can record what is happening, most of these systems don’t have someone watching them, which means they are only useful for viewing the crime after it has been committed.

In addition, police are generally hesitant to dispatch officers to conventional alarms as they know most conventional alarms that go off are usually just false alarms.

Verified alarms, which use remote security monitoring, have changed the game and stopped criminals getting away with thousands of damaging crimes. In fact, the average police dispatch time to a Sonitrol verified alarms is just 3-4 minutes, giving the criminal little or no time do what they came to and get out of there.

Property Management Buildings

Like professional offices, property management companies often depend on the standard lock and key to keep their business safe. But with the safety of your tenants and facility, access control is critical to securing your building and ensuring only authorized users have access.

In addition, installing a verified alarm and video system, both inside and outside your building, will protect your business from crimes such as vandalism, fire and theft by deterring criminals and ensuring they are detected if they do attempt a crime.

If you work in one of these industries and think it is time for an upgrade, contact us today We would be happy to chat about how our innovative security solutions can help you.

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Why Remote Security Monitoring Beats Conventional CCTV Systems

Technology has changed many aspects of our lives in recent years, and that’s no different for the security of your business. Remote video monitoring provides huge benefits for business and property owners when compared with conventional alarm systems. Conventional CCTV cameras, which are still used widely across America, merely record what’s going on. Sometimes these cameras are even watched by expensive on-site security guards that can barely keep their eyes open during their shift. Most of these systems don’t have a human watching them live, however, and are only good for viewing crimes, such as theft and vandalism, after the incident has happened. By then it’s too late, the damage has already been done. To make matters even worse, police are generally hesitant to dispatch officers to conventional alarms as they know most conventional alarms that go off are usually just false alarms. In fact, most criminals know that if the police do bother showing up to a conventional alarm they have at least 20 minutes to take what they want before they need to get out, meaning they merely act as a timer for experienced criminals.

Verified alarms, which use remote security monitoring, on the other hand, have changed the game and stopped criminals getting away with thousands of damaging crimes. In fact, the average police dispatch time to Sonitrol verified alarms is just 3-4 minutes.

So, what is remote security monitoring?

Remote CCTV monitoring is the process in which CCTV cameras are monitored remotely and simultaneously by trained security professionals that work in highly-sophisticated environments, using state-of-the-art and innovative technology.

Once an alarm is activated via audio detection, heat or motion sensors, a live stream is broadcast to the remote monitoring station and security professional is then tasked with either verifying that the alarm is indeed an intrusion or if it’s a false alarm.

Security professionals have complete control of the CCTV, with the ability to pan and zoom cameras in an out, switch to different cameras, and monitor the activity manually to know exactly what is happening.

If the alarm is false, such as an animal on the premise or an employee then the security professionals will not call the police. However, if it’s more serious the security professional will verify the intrusion and notify both the police and the business owner immediately.

Remote security monitoring stops crime before the damage occurs

Unlike its conventional CCTV counterpart, verified remote security monitoring helps to cut out the damage of theft before it occurs. With professionally trained eyes and ears constantly ensuring your business is protected, you can focus on what matter – improving the profitability of your organization.

Remote security monitoring helps to:

  • Reduce false alarm rates;
  • safeguard your employees;
  • protect your assets;
  • stop criminal damage and theft before it takes place;
  • mitigate any risks to your business;
  • and much more!

Why Sonitrol is the right choice for you

Sonitrol’s unique remotely monitored video, SonaVision, is the most renowned security solution for businesses on the market, and even seeing our name on a sign is enough to deter criminals since many know our name. Once a criminal is detected on your premises, push video technology immediately sends video through to our operators to view, who then are able to verify the alarm and instantly contact police for dispatch. Sonitrol is able to see what’s going on at your facility at any time, with monitoring stations using state-of-the-art technology to apprehend criminals, reduce false alarms, save lives and protect your assets. We use verified criminal detection, managed access control and other components of a successful security solution to create a no obligations, no charge security plan that is specifically designed to the unique characteristics of your business and property.

To learn more your local Sonitrol representative today!

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The information included in this blog post is up to date as of publishing time but is subject to change until it is ratified and signed into law by President Biden.

Congress is working toward the ratification of a third stimulus package to alleviate the continued effects of COVID-19. The Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (Heroes) Act is expected to pass imminently, and eligible entities would need to request funding by Sept. 30, 2021.

Similar in fashion to the CARES Act legislation, the Heroes Act provides emergency grant funds for entities to reopen – and remain open – despite the pandemic or any other emergent situation that arises as a result of the pandemic. In addition to the individual stimulus allocations, the funding will be separated into various spending functions:

  • Education (K-12 and higher education)
  • Government (state, county, and local municipal governments)
  • Health and human services (hospitals, nursing homes, and some qualifying daycares)
  • Fraternal or promotional government-related authorities (chambers of commerce, convention, and visitor bureaus, stadium authorities)
  • Qualifying hospitality and spectator venues


Education is expected to receive $90 billion through the Heroes Act – approximately three times the amount that was allocated through the CARES Act. This funding will be made available in similar fashion to that of the CARES Act funding processes.

The key difference will be the process by which K-12 institutions can claim their allocations. With K-12 institutions, the funding process is now scheduled to be distributed directly. In the original CARES Act, states were charged by the federal government to administer the funding for the CARES Act to K-12 institutions. The misconception was that if the CARES Act funding was unclaimed, that it could be directed back into the state to balance budgets.

During this time, state allocations to schools were reduced in some states in direct correlation to the CARES Act funding. This was not the intent of the funding, and the process for distribution of these funds to K-12 is now being debated and should be announced soon.

Funding for higher education – directed to institutions through the Department of Education, Higher Education division – will be divided into two categories: one half for student assistance, distance learning, training and other administrative costs. The other half allows for each individual institution to expend funds to enable institutions to re-open, and remain open, in a safe and secure fashion.

Each individual institution is vastly different from one another, and the perception of a safe and secure campus varies by each locale. With this legislation, just as it was with the CARES Act, Congress provides each institution with the decision-making flexibility for those leaders to determine what course of action is best for their individual schools.


There is a large allocation for government (state, local and municipal government entities) that should eliminate the need for states to flex the school funding as it did for K-12 through the CARES Act. As of this writing, the government allocation under the Heroes Act will be approximately $200 billion.

This funding will help enable state, local and municipal governments to not only balance their budgets, but also allow for the same protections in opening their facilities and keeping them open. The allocation will help facilities to combat the negative impact of COVID-19, as well as assist government entities in keeping their constituency, properties and assets safe in the future.


It’s important that all eligible organizations request funding through the Heroes Act, as it can help them reopen, stay open and enhance health, safety and security on-site – a benefit that can last well beyond the global pandemic.

The deadline for claiming funds is scheduled to be Sept. 30, 2021, with the ability to expend the funding for one calendar year afterward.

As with the CARES Act, many life safety and security solutions qualify for funding under the Heroes Act. Creating a safe and secure environment means being able to mitigate health and safety risks by deploying solutions that, for example:

  • Help with managing social distancing
  • Allow entities to screen individuals for masks and potential health concerns
  • Automate occupancy tracking
  • Enhance emergency communications through mass notification or fire alarm signaling

Other measures of safety may include implementing intrusion detectionvideo surveillanceaccess control, gunshot or weapons detection, or other means to help keep facilities and campus environments safe.

Additionally, Alyssa’s Law – a federal mandate requiring all public elementary and secondary schools be equipped with silent panic alert systems – is being drafted. While the legislation mandates the implementation of emergency communications, as of this writing, there is no plan to provide federal funding to implement this technology.

However, an educational institution could use Heroes Act funding to invest in an interoperable communication platform that allows for instantaneous communication from the classroom to first responders and law enforcement.


Each healthcare facility across the U.S. has individual needs based upon how the entity operates. However, the need to screen employees and visitors, view and manage various gathering places within the facility and communicate seamlessly with emergency personnel are all common demands that Heroes Act funding can help satisfy.

For commercial facilities, the IRS allowed for a 100% deduction in 2020 for the enhancements of life safety and security. It is unclear if the Heroes Act legislation will contain similar wording for 2021; however, the extension of the CARES Act through January 31, 2021, may indicate that this deduction could be extended until the end of December 2021.


SONITROL stands ready to consult with you and your institutions, businesses, healthcare facilities or governmental bodies to develop a life safety and security strategy that enables you to take advantage of the funding through the Heroes Act.

We can help your organization assess and respond to your security needs today, and help you plan for the future. SONITROL consultants will work collaboratively with you and guide you through the process of identifying life safety and security vulnerabilities and identifying the various funding avenues available through the stimulus and beyond.

Make SONITROL part of your plan and your team. Reach out to us for additional information, and to set up your consultation with an expert in the security industry.

Contact us today.

Written by Joesph Wall, STANLEY Security Regional Sales Manager


Why Cell Backup?

What exactly is Cell Back-Up and do I need it for my security system? In at least 10% of all break-ins, telephone or broadband IP infrastructure cables are cut prior to entry. If a criminal cuts your communication line, he has in effect disabled your security system since most security systems communicate back to the monitoring center over a phone or IP line. Cellular back-up provides backup communication paths for the reporting of alarms in the event of a loss or cuts of your primary communication line. Sonitrol recommends that every alarm system be equipped with a cell back-up device.

How does cell back-up work?

When the communication line is cut, a signal is immediately sent to the Sonitrol Monitoring Center telling us that the phone line is down. Too, because the cell back-up unit maintains constant communication with the Monitoring Center, Sonitrol is still able to monitor the facility, providing continuous information to the police department as to the intruder’s movements as they arrive on the scene.

It is important that you determine where your telephone or broadband IP infrastructure cables enter your building. If you have any exposed cables, take immediate steps to secure them. Don’t make the criminals’ job easy.
As your security provider, our number one priority is to provide comprehensive security for your facility. We want to ensure that we can continue to provide cellular back-up to you going forward. In order to do so, we need to hear from you.

To learn more your local Sonitrol representative today!

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Fire Safety Q&A With Sonitrol Security!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Last year, I sat down with our fire and design manager and asked him a few questions. Greg had been with Sonitrol of the Carolinas for 30 years! He started as an installer and now has over 20 years of experience in fire design. Although he retired last year these tips are very important for any business.

Here are a few things to think about when you are making your business plan & budget for 2021

Why should people choose Sonitrol for fire protection services?

We have been around for over 55 years. Sonitrol is full service provider. We offer installation, monitoring, service, and inspections. Our fire detection products can be easily integrated with other Sonitrol products and services. We work with local fire departments to stay up to date with codes. Sonitrol understands the value of protecting life and property. Sonitrol Central Station operators can monitor signals from your facility 24 hours a day. We have our own UL Listed Central Station and are one of only two in our area.

What is the biggest concern when it comes to designing a fire system? Ensuring that the systems are designed to code. We are preforming the service that the customer needs and deserves. Do you think it is harder to design a new fire system or upgrading an existing system? Upgrading an existing system. You never know what you are going to run into and making sure that it meets Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) Compliance.

Why are fire inspections important for businesses?

Annual inspections are National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code required Ensuring that your business is safe for your employees and customers.Fire systems need to be tested regularly to ensure functionality.

How often should you test your smoke detectors in your home?

According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), smoke detectors should be tested at least once a month and batteries should be replaced at least once or twice a year.

What is done during a fire inspection?

All devices are tested, such as pull stations, smoke detectors, sprinklers, duct detectors, and horn strobes.

System is inspected for wear and tear of the system.

Signals are tested with our Central Station

What fire safety tips do you have for businesses?

Don’t leave combustibles lying around

Keep fire exit pathways clearDon’t lock fire exit doors

Have your system checked periodically

Never block sprinklers

Check on your electrical cords. If a cord is damaged in any way, replace it

Don’t overload your circuits

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is a global nonprofit organization, established in 1896, devoted to eliminating death, injury, property, and economic loss due to fire, electrical, and related hazards. Click here to learn more.

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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is the one rare day of the year when we literally open our doors to dozens of strangers, and while there may not be much harm in handing out candy to little ones, it’s important to make sure you’re not creating unnecessary security risks. After all, lots of people will be roaming through your neighborhood on Halloween night. You never know if burglars or vandals may be among them, staking out your home.

Here are a few simple tips to keep you and your home safe.

Decide on a time to close & lock your doors. Most communities end their trick-or-treating by 8 or 9 p.m. After that, it’s time to close and lock your doors. If you’ve already turned out the front light, then there’s no reason to answer the door. To be extra safe, you may want to close and lock your door after every trick-or-treater. It only takes a second, but it’s the only way to prevent bad guys from walking straight through your front door.

Keep other lights on. Just because you’ve turned off the front light at the end of the night doesn’t mean your entire house should go dark. In fact, it’s better to give the appearance that someone is home. Keep some lights on in your house. Also, use any lights in back of your home to make your yard well lit.

Close the garage. An open garage door on Halloween night is an invitation for theft and vandalism. Keep it closed and locked if you have a side door in the garage.

Going out? Don’t make it obvious. Whether you’re headed to a Halloween party or taking your child trick-or-treating, be sure that your house remains well lit. It’s okay to keep the front light off if you don’t want kids knocking on your door. Just be sure to leave some lights on inside the house. Don’t forget to arm your Sonitrol Security System

Consider motion-sensor lights. If you don’t already have motion-sensor lighting around your home, this is a good time to consider it. These lights can prevent burglars as well as pranksters, and it’s more energy-efficient than keeping lights turned on all night.Avoid open flames. Halloween home security isn’t just about preventing burglary and vandalism. It’s about safety. Don’t make the mistake of using candles and other open-flame luminaries. They create a serious fire risk! Consider battery-powered votive candles and light sticks for your decorations instead.

Don’t be afraid to report suspicious behavior.

Call us to day to get your free estimate on a home security system

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Time To Upgrade?

Two cheerful small business owners smiling and looking at camera while standing at entrance door. Happy mature man and mid woman at entrance of newly opened restaurant with open sign board. Smiling couple welcoming customers to small business shop.

Still dealing with headaches that come with your legacy system like unreliable and slow phone line connections and monthly costs? Upgrading your system to IP communication comes with several benefits, including integrating your system right into your existing internet connection! It’s that easy! Save long-term money, time and stress by upgrading your Sonitrol system to FlexIP or TotalGuard™

Benefits of a Sonitrol FlexIP compared to an older panel
  • Replacement parts readily available
  • Performance Warranty increased to $10K or $15k
  • No phone lines needed
  • Utilize your existing internet connection
  • Audio transmit time decreased from 15-60 seconds to 1-5 seconds
  • Remote arm/disarm on mobile app
  • Reduce Stress
  • Ability to arm/disarm using a key fob
  • Ability to add access control to the Sonitrol Intrusion System
  • Reduce false alarms caused by old or faulty equipment

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It’s Hurricane Season: Do you have a backup plan?

With Hurricane Season among us Emergency Evacuation plans and preparation are necessary. While threats can be unpredictable, there are measures you can and should take to help plan for and prevent damages from various threats from hurricanes. So what it is going to take to make buildings and their occupants safer during such emergencies? You can avoid injury, confusion, and property damage by implementing an organized and effective emergency evacuation plan. If you don’t have a plan in place yet check out the steps below to help you create one. We have also included a list of common emergency questions as well. If you have additional concerns or questions feel free to give us a call.

Things to consider when preparing for an Emergency?

An effective emergency plan will facilitate and organize employer and employee actions during workplace emergencies. Well-developed plans and proper training will result in fewer and less severe injuries and less structural damage to the facility.

  • Have a Emergency Evacuation Plan; See steps below to help you create one
  • Get connected with local media outlets on immediate updates such a social media and news channels
  • If you are a business owner have a mass notification source to communicate with employees and customers
  • If your business must be opened during the hurricane like ours, staffing must be pre-planned to ensure staff can make it in to work safely and if needed, have supplies ready for extended stays; ie, provisions of bedding, food, showers, water, etc…
  • Know what you can do locally with your Sonitrol system if the communication path is interrupted to the Central Station; See Q&A below

3 Steps to Create an Emergency Evacuation Plan

Your facility’s geographical location will mean different natural disasters and threats are more likely to happen. To best prepare, learn about the types of disasters and other threats that are more common in your community. Such as we, in California, must plan for fire, earthquakes, and other disasters. Earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, and burglaries can all pose threats to your business and employees. Here’s how you can start on creating an effective plan to mitigate threats and be prepared for emergencies.

1. Determine evacuation procedures and emergency escape route assignments

Floor map diagrams should be prominently posted throughout the building and be specific to each floor/area of the facility. Locations of exits, assembly points, and equipment like fire extinguishers and first aid kits should be clearly marked. Exit routes should always be well lit, wide enough to accommodate emergency exits, clear of debris, and should keep personnel safe from additional hazards. OSHA is a great resource for ensuring your emergency exits are up to standard.

2. Implement a clear chain of command and designation of the person authorized to order an evacuation

When an evacuation is necessary, you will need responsible, trained individuals who can supervise and coordinate activities to ensure a safe and successful evacuation. It is critical for employees to know who the coordinator is and understand that they have the authority to make decisions in emergencies. The coordinator should be responsible for assessing the situation and determining what actions should be taken. They will activate and oversee the emergency procedures, and notify and coordinate with outside emergency services.

3. Create procedures to account for all employees after an emergency evacuation

Designate assembly places inside and outside of the facility where employees should gather after evacuating. They should have enough space to comfortably and safely accommodate all employees. Once evacuated, someone needs to be in charge of taking a headcount. If there are people missing, take note of names and last known location and pass the information to officials.

Once the evacuation plan is finalized, you will need to thoroughly train all employees and building occupants on the plan. This plan should be reviewed annually and presented to new employees as soon as possible. Keep the evacuation plan up-to-date and communicate the plan to employees so they can be educated and prepared in the event of an emergency. An evacuation plan will ensure the safety of all occupants in a facility.

Reference Sonitrol Kimberlite

Common Disaster Questions Answered by our Central Station Team

How will my access control system perform if there if power is down for an extended period of time?

Know that these doors and locks require power. Access systems do have a temporary battery back-up for short term power outages. In the event of an extended outage, customers will need to have a back-up plan to secure their doors. If you lose power consider these doors as a manual lock and key door. Make sure that your staff knows your back up plan before disasters occur to help eliminate confusion.

How long will my security system continue to function if power is down for an extended period of time?

Security systems do have a temporary battery back-up for short term power outages. This time period depends on the age of the battery and the amount of equipment that is being powered. In the event of an extended power outage, customers will need to have a back-up plan for security

Videofied alarm systems

Runs on battery and won’t be affected by power loss

Check Video alarm systems

These systems do not have a battery back-up and will go down when the power goes down (unless they have a UPS installed). Customers will need a back-up plan for security during power loss

All other cameras systems

Most cameras systems have a battery back-up but this is limited to short term power loss only. Customers will need a back-up plan if cameras are required during extended outages

**** Please keep in mind that your alarm system depends on power and communication (internet, phone line, cellular) if any of these components are interrupted because of long term power loss, internet, cell tower, or IP failure, you will need to have a back –up plan for your security. Our central station is well equipped and staffed to continue operation no matter the situation, please feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

Contact us to learn more about our verified security solutions.

704.423.1111 wwww.SonitrolCarolinas.com

815 Wood Ridge Center Drive, Charlotte, NC 28217


Sonitrol, the leader in verified electronic security, announces the launch of TotalGuard™ Smart Hub & additional wireless devices that together offer a more robust security solution to the small and medium business markets. This new offering includes a variety of wireless sensors that connect to the new TotalGuard™ Smart Hub, expanding reach and alarm capabilities.

Sonitrol’s TotalGuard™ solution, launched in 2018, targets the small to medium business market by offering affordable, professional security. TotalGuard™ is an all-in-one, edge-based device that acts as a standalone IoT panel. Each TotalGuard™ device includes  Sonitrol impact activated audio detection, glass break analytics, video verification and surveillance, motion, and wireless connectivity, all professionally monitored by a Sonitrol Central Station. In addition to its many powerful features, the solution was needed for the ability to easily connect with other alarm points as each business has different security needs. Watch an actual TotalGuard™ apprehension here!

The TotalGuard™ Smart Hub & Wireless Devices are simple, scale-able, and secure. They consist of a motion sensor, door/window sensor, water sensor, temperature sensor, universal transmitter, and a panic button. These devices are easy to deploy and have a streamlined infrastructure, which reduces wire pulls and terminations and can easily be set up with a Mobile App by the installer. With the TotalGuard™ Smart Hub, you can enroll up to 32 wireless devices. These Zigbee devices operate over AES 128-bit encryption, are supervised and tamper protected. TotalGuard™ can also be paired with exterior thermal imagers for added outside protection, as well as exterior cameras and Sonitrol Cloud Access Control. Working to meet a wide range of customer needs, Sonitrol offers integrated security solutions and is a one-stop-shop for small to medium businesses.

In addition to now offering security solutions to the small to medium business market, Sonitrol is the leader in verified electronic security, offering Impact Activated Audio Detection, Video Verification, Managed and Cloud Access Control, Video Surveillance, and Fire. Sonitrol’s ability to verify intrusion, through patented technologies in real-time, offers unrivaled credibility with law enforcement. Sonitrol provides for some of the fastest police response times, lowest false alarm rates, and the best apprehension record—over 181,000 across the security industry.